GENERIC IDEATION - Metaphorically skin is connected to everything. You might only think of it as a perimeter to your being. Depending upon the other symbols, this is probably indicating that the result will be your brand new skin, your new self, especially if seen as the last symbol. In this regard, it could be pointing to initiation, and either being open to it or even looking at this PRISM, or an alchemy, as just that. Largest organ on the body. Usually an indication of the shedding of it, and with other symbols what stands between. Perhaps an actual condition reflects an inner condition being shown by other symbols in the PRISM. Depending upon other symbols, might be an indication of an extraordinarily high state of being through a description of what the outer you has become. Absorption, canvas, largest organ, permeability, shed, race, thick, thin, elasticity, receiver, snake, transparency, cycles, moles, melanin, number of faces worn, identity, protection, barrier, costume, cellular regeneration, wrinkles, smoothness, age, youth. Do you need to shed it? Do you need to thin it? Do you need to thicken it?