GENERIC IDEATION - cosmic consciousness, center of one’s eternal potential, royalty, download modification, akashic bridge, crown jewels of royalty designed to focus and channel energy, kingship/queenship conduits for the abundance which is the true treasure, that which reveals the true treasure, body-bridge for spirit and matter, regulation of energy flow into and out of the body-bridge.

Endocrine - pineal
Planet - Uranus
Arcanum - Magic Through Lineage

CENTRAL INTUITIVE MESSAGE - It is not necessarily what you think – discard all matter-bound ideology. There are no petals and no lotuses here. This is a bridge of nothingness between the dot and the circle. Make no more of it than that.

PHILOSOPHICAL OVERTONES - Readiness for a deeper truth to be revealed. Or that which is to be attained or showing how one is blocked from this attainment of understanding. There is always a deeper understanding available and it is the true treasure – one looks beyond traditional ideology for a deeper understanding of the situation. This is how one accepts the royal crown – it is but a bridge and a beginning to the next cycle of growth and requires a tossing aside of earth bound knowledge/wisdom to obtain yet a higher perspective. Even this is but a cycle of endings and beginnings.